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The Professional Staff

Dr. Sandra Wise
Sandra Wise
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Wise has worked in private practice and was the Director of Mental Health for several Colorado prisons and for the Delaware State Department of Corrections. She has taught graduate and undergraduate-level courses in clinical psychology and has conducted numerous workshops and clinics, assisting clients of all ages and life challenges. She has presented at conferences on topics as diverse as clinical hypnosis and social skills building for Asperger’s Syndrome and autism spectrum disorders. In 2002, Dr. Wise began utilizing principles of applied behavioral analysis to understand and train horses and cattle, with the goal of utilizing these highly sensitive animals as “barometers” for reading, reflecting and assessing human communication and relationship skills. The combination of Dr. Wise’s training in animal behavior and her psychotherapeutic skills creates unique opportunities for exploration, insight, and dynamic growth for her equine- and bovine-assisted therapy clients.

View Dr. Wise’s full curriculum vita (professional experience, credentials, and education) at www.drsandrawise.com.


Dean Van Camp
Dean Van Camp
Equine Specialist

Dean has over 35 years experience training horses. As an equine educator, Dean understands the power of the human-horse connection and its incredible potential for positive impact in all areas of life. Dean coaches our clients in reading and understanding the reactions and responses that horses demonstrate when interacting with them in exercises. This, in turn, improves our clients’ ability to read and understand the impact their own behavior has on other people in their lives. Because of his lifelong connection with, and dedication to, horses and his intuitive coaching skills, he is able to create a positive and productive learning environment for both clients and horses.